A Great Book Refuting Baptismal Regeneration/Water Baptism Salvation

Heaven Only For the Baptized? The Gospel of Christ vs. Baptismal Regeneration

***********Heaven Only For the Baptized? The Gospel of Christ vs. Baptismal Regeneration***********

My short review of the following book offered at Amazon reads as follows…..

Bought this and read it in several sittings today and have to say it was really good, better than I expected. Even though I have baptismal regenerationist Mormons and Oneness Pentecostals relatives in my family and know the arguments very well I still learned much from my first read and intend to read it again while I take notes.

If you read the table of contents listed in the books description you will see that Ross basically has three parts to his book. First he lays out the biblical case for justification by faith alone, then he finishes up by examining the most often used proof-text for baptismal regeneration and the most common objections to justification by faith alone. Ross does such a fantastic job in the first part on justification that he hardly needs to delineate and expound on the proof-text or objections to justification to be persuasive, and get you to see the absurdity of focusing on a handful of proof-text verses in light of all that was said about justification, but he does so in a very comprehensive manner. He made many points and arguments that I had never heard before and really did an outstanding job. I think I have read most of the material on the internet concerning this debate but this small book is perhaps the best material on the subject I have ever read.

The only thing I would have done differently if I had written the book would have been to cover Christian Baptism in history. Some Church of Christers will offer up quotes from some early church fathers that seem to teach water baptism has some kind of regenerative effect but they will not offer up for you the far more abundant quotes coming from all early church fathers, and those same very ones they quote, showing that justification/salvation is by faith alone. So I think Mr. Ross should have covered that issue to disprove the historical argument.

The book is available only in digital format but is only 99 cents at Amazon. What a deal. It will save you much time surfing the net if your looking to get to the bottom of the “Is water baptism essential for salvation” debate. If you do get the book and read it please return here and comment to tell is what you think of the book.


About Damon Whitsell

Hello, my name is Damon. I have been studying Christian Cults since 1985 and doing Cult Apologetics online since 1998 because I grew up with Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals and Bible Missionaries in my family. All three of these groups (or Cults) think they are the One True Church and the Only True Christians and to be Saved you must join their Church. So as a result I started studying the Bible for myself to try to determine which of these groups had the truth. After much praying, reading and studying I decided the Mormon, Oneness Pentecostal and Bible Missionarie churches are not real Christian Churches at all, rather they are Christian Cults because they do not line up with what the bible really teaches about Salvation and they are not in agreement with other Essential Christian Doctrines. I found that according to what the Word of God teaches, and Historic/Orthodox Christian Teaching, Salvation cannot be earned by any form of human works or efforts I found that Salvation is ALL by the Grace and Work of God and that Salvation and Eternal Life are a Free Gift from God (Ephesians 2:8, Romans 6:23, John 3:16) to all who will Trust in Jesus Christ and the atoning sacrifice He made for us by dying on the Cross for the sins of the world (1 John 2:2). The Word of God is clear and plainly says “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31). Because I know what it is like to be targeted by Cult Groups and to suffer from the spirtual confusion and frustration brought on by their false teachings, I have endeavored to help others find True Eternal Life in Jesus Christ and to break free from the clutches of, and to be healed from the damage done by, Cult Groups who claim to be the One True Church. So it is my hope and prayer that the Lord will use my Websites to help those that need help and that some who use my websites will be helped by them to find the Free Gift of God’s Salvation, that is only found in His only begotten son Jesus Christ.

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  1. Thomas Ross is a champion for defending the saved by grace gospel. I have read his book and HIGHLY recommend it. He is an excellent debater as well. You can see him defend Christianity against the heretical International Church of Christ on YouTube. See Ross vs. Jacoby (ICOC).


    • Thank you Joe. I’ll have to check him out I appreciate it the heads-up. I’ll post some of his material here if you’re not subscribe to my blog here please do so cuz I go through different materials and pick the best one for the blog. You have a blessed day okay thanks again


      • Hey Damon. It’s not letting me enter my email and sign up for your blog. Joe


      • Hello Joe, I don’t know why. I’ll try to look into it and fix it when I get off and then I’ll come in again so you know that I reset it or whatever. I’ll try my best to remember when I get off work. Thanks buddy


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